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3.1             This position includes providing the labor required to secure barges and equipment to the tugboat as well as perform the cleaning and maintenance to the vessel and the equipment.  The Deckhand works 6 hour shifts, 14 days on/7 days off under the close supervision of the Captain or Relief Captain or Wheelman in charge during his/her shift.

3.2             While on the vessel, the Tankerman/Deckhand works 6-hour shifts.  During this time he or she is involved in a variety of activities.  Some of these include:

                        3.2.1       Securing ropes and cables to barges and equipment being moved;

3.2.2       Chipping, grinding, and painting the vessel structure including floors, walls, and ceilings;

3.2.3       Performing simple maintenance checks and repairs on equipment including checking and changing fuel, oil, and water as required;

3.2.4       Washing or mopping floors, walls, and ceilings inside and on the exterior of the vessel;

3.2.5       Perform housekeeping tasks including cleaning toilet/shower area, changing linen and washing, drying, and folding clothes; and,

3.2.6       Prepare meals including carrying and storing supplies, chopping vegetables and meats and cooking foods after which he/she is required to clean up dishes.           

3.3             To perform these tasks the employee is required to work indoors and outdoors.  When working outside he/she is required to walk, stoop, squat, lift, carry and secure lines in all kinds of weather including clear/sunny, rainy and windy as well as very turbulent weather such as Hurricanes.  During Hurricanes the crew rides out the storm on the vessel while securing barges that may have broken loose.

3.4             The employee is required to lift and carry up to 100lbs. and pull on ropes, lines and cables requiring up to 120 lbs. of force.  He/she must have good balance as well as be able to stand/walk for 5 of the 6-hour shift.  He/she must be able to tolerate working and living in tight quarters.

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