Launch Service

We operate a Launch and Chandler Service that delivers ship stores and supplies in the Houston, Galveston, and Texas City areas. Along with the Launch and Chandler services, we can supply store gangs to stow your equipment and stores if needed.

Our Launch barges (110’ X 30’) are used to load and unload heavy equipment. Also, on board the launch barge is a forklift to maneuver equipment and stores for deliveries made easy. The equipment used at Hard’s Marine is in compliance with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations and is Maripol compliant. We are fully insured and will furnish certificates upon request.

Within our fleet we also have 2- 130’ X 30’ X 7’ deck barges, 1- 20’ X 12’ X 3’ work flat, 3- 20’ X 6’ X 1’ work flats, and 1- 20’ X 40’ X 4’ deck barge. 1 -195’ X 35’ barge that serves as a potable water barge that is capable of pumping 1160 metric tons of potable water.

Portable Water Delivery Services

Hard's Marine Service provides you with a barge capable of transporting up to 1,160 metric tonnes, through the use of two stainless steels cargo tanks which store up to 306,600 US gallons. The vessel is certified portable, with certification results available upon request.

Barge OR-6

Water Service Barge

The Barge OR-6 is a 195’ x 35’ x 12’ tank barge that we will use as a potable water barge. It has two stainless steel cargo tanks with the capacity of 1160 metric tons or 306,600 US Gallons. We now will be able to service Houston, Galveston, Texas City and Bolivar Roads for your potable water needs. Our city water and the tank barge have been certified potable and will supply results at your request. Please feel free to call us for a quote and we look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for a quote.